(DPM) is a non-profit 501(c)3 ministry, established by retired WV state trooper, Chad Shaffer.  The foundational principles of this ministry are to encourage those individuals with slave-controlling addictions on how to become free.  This true freedom only is achieved through the application and understanding of biblical principles.  These principles begin with a person’s acceptance of Christ as Savior.  The ministry will then help those who have accepted Christ to learn the transformation process which is built upon Christ.  The ministry also wants to assist parents, spouses, and children of addicts.  The program is a combination of counseling, lectures, questions and answers, and other life applications.  Scripture presents Truth (John 8:32-36) and  Christ is the only true way for salvation and life (John 14:6).

DPM has programs for the addict, parents of addicts as well as programs for public, private and Christian Schools.


Q.  Isn’t drug addiction a disease/mental illness?

A.  No it cannot be proven medically.  Those who believe that it is a mental illness feel the addict will have to be in a medical assistance program for the rest of the addict’s life.  The Bible presents addiction as sin and the Bible explains what sin is and how the Bible is the only true remedy for sin.

Q.  How is your program different from other 12 step programs?

A.  The Transformer Program is a 2 step program.  Accepting Chirst as Savior is the first step.  The second step is helping a person understand the leading of the Holy Spirit in understanding and applying the Word of God.  This step will continue until the Lord calls the person Home.

Q.  Is there a cost?

A.  There is a cost that is very minimal.  The cost is $100.00 and it can be paid over a years time if needed.

Q.  Does there really need to be a cost?

A.  Yes.  Over time, the founder has observed that those who were given free material did not put forth any effort.


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